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Wednesday, May 3

Whence Wii

Ugh. If anyone is into gaming, you should know by now what Nintendo is calling their "REvolution". The Nintendo Wii. This disgusts me. I am a humongous Nintendo fan, but dear lord. This is probably the worst combination of letters I have ever seen.I can imagine it now-
"Hey, Terrance, where are the kids?"
"They're in the other room, playing with their Wiis."

Go to and read Tycho's post (go back a few pages) And the comic that goes along with it.


  • What kind of name is that?
    Are you sure it's not Wi-i or something...else?

    By Anonymous Marie, at 9:57 AM  

  • No...It's Wii. Go to

    By Blogger Rusty, at 5:50 PM  

  • *sighs*, that's really bad, then. Poor you. :(

    By Anonymous Marie, at 9:59 AM  

  • It's bad for EVERYONE. THis name has cursed gaming....FOREVER...

    By Blogger Rusty, at 4:47 PM  

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