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Monday, May 8

ITH 1.4- Two For The Road

Listen Here!
In This Episode, Spenser and Rusty discuss Two For The Road


  • Oh my God. I have been searching iTunes for Lost Podcasts and have stumbled upon your site today. I must say "You Suck!" Spenser's connect like he was talking through a can and a piece of string underwater. You need to change the name from "In the Hatch" to "24 minutes of a child's ranting." GOD now I know that the Podcast revolution is over if you continue to remain sending out your sucking podcasts

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:11 PM  

  • Dude, get off Rusty's foot... I mean I don't see you podcasting. And he does have fans who listen to him... He may not be as polished as some but give the guy a break...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:58 PM  

  • Can you seriously give me a freaking break? I'm sorry I can't get the conntection to work..I am a kid. I don't see anyone going off on, say, scott and steve when they get off topic! I must admit, we were not on topic much this episode, but give me a BREAK. And if you're so brave to say what you said, why don't you give your name? Own up to your opinions. I don't see you working night and day to get a show out to people. It's hard producing a podcast. Let's see you do better.

    By Blogger Rusty, at 10:04 PM  

  • Hey, I've posted a lot of jokey posts around here before, but get off Rusty and Spenser's back! They do a great job and are having fun. If you don't like it don't listen, but why rip on them???

    Keep it up Rusty and Spenser!!

    By Anonymous notahowiefan, at 6:48 PM  

  • Dude... Your mom is denfending your podcasts. She must really love you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:32 PM  

  • No kidding. Thanks mom.

    By Blogger Rusty, at 8:37 AM  

  • Hey this is "You Suck." Reponse to 2nd comment: I dont have to podcast to critize podcasting. Do you tell Roger Ebert to make his own movie if he doesnt like "Chuckie's Seed"? No you let him go because his critizism is his OPIONION. Response to 3rd comment: I dont go off on Scott and Steve cause they go off topic for maye five minutes of an hour long show. I can handle that. You going off on a tangent for 20 minutes on a 24 minute show, i cant handle. i dont have to do better. if you want me as a fan then do something i would like to listen to. Despite what your mother said to you, not everyone is going to like you. Accept that fact and you will live life better. Finally, I will give this podcast another chance. I just downloaded it and will listen in the car on the way to work. If i dont like, then you will not hear from me again. If i like it, then i will recant my comment completely. ciao bello

    By Anonymous Sgt. JabberWock, at 4:52 AM  

  • I think I just wasted my time reading that comment. Who are you to say "Do something I would like to listen to" uh...hello?
    You can choose what you like, but my opinion...I don't even KNOW Rusty, but I have mentioned him about 3 times in my website. Wait...If you don't like it, why are you listening to it?

    By Anonymous Marie, at 6:30 AM  

  • Alrighty then.

    By Blogger Rusty, at 5:48 PM  

  • Seriously, 'Sgt. Jabberwock' hasn't anybody ever told you 'there are a billion stars and a gajillion galaxies and a million planets in this world, and they all revolve around one point, and that point, is not you!!' Oh and another thing, you said opi-onion like something about the food, the word's OPINION! And I'm sorry, they're for people that have lives only.

    By Anonymous MezlO, at 2:43 PM  

  • Ok. I recant my comment completely. Now that I know a bit more about the show, I think the podcast "Rocks!" ciao bello (proNounced CHOW BELO).

    Sorry about before.

    By Anonymous sgt. jabberwock, at 7:23 PM  

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