In The Hatch-A Lost Podcast

Monday, May 29

I hate iTunes

Well, I have...what, 3 podcast feeds on iTunes? And NONE of them work! None of them! And there is absolutley NO way for me to contact Apple. NO WAY.

I hope to have this problem figured out soon. In the meantime, please direct-download all episodes.


  • Yeah, I had to direct download it, earlier. I hate iTunes too.

    By Anonymous Marie, at 3:42 PM  

  • Yeah, i think we should sue iTunes.. umm... When i tried to Direct Download the newest one, it just opened a new window and started playing... is it my comp all messed?

    By Blogger MezlO, at 2:09 PM  

  • *tried again* yeah it went to some Quicktime player... Oh well, I'll just stop complaining, you have enough to be getting on with!

    By Blogger MezlO, at 2:16 PM  

  • uhh well mine direct downloaded just fine. =)

    By Anonymous shelby, at 2:20 PM  

  • Huh. Wonder what it was.

    By Blogger Rusty, at 4:02 PM  

  • Alex is a little bit retarded with computers, that`s all.

    By Anonymous shelby, at 5:32 PM  

  • heh.

    But seriously, I think I'm gonna close the existing feed on itunes and re-submit it. Maybe that'll work.

    By Blogger Rusty, at 10:55 PM  

  • dude, I can do my homework, play games, and listen to things (sometimes) besides that i should NOT be allowed near computers..

    and yes Rusty perhaps that will work *ignores shelby's comment*

    By Blogger MezlO, at 2:34 PM  

  • Somebody answer me, or go on the forums! I feel forum-y right now!

    By Blogger MezlO, at 11:34 AM  

  • your show sucks. you should really stop. even a podcast about S**T would be better than this crap.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:21 PM  

  • oh my gosh! What is your problem! Do you have a podcast? Huh? didn't think so.

    By Anonymous Marie, at 11:49 AM  

  • urgh. honestly.. gosh.

    By Anonymous shelby, at 3:27 PM  

  • hmm...the forums dont seem to be working. I've tried a couple of times, but...i'll try again, later.

    By Anonymous Marie, at 9:30 AM  

  • pshhh. Spenser may have Starbursts but we have SMARTIES. go usssssss. pwnpwnpwnpwn.

    By Anonymous shelby & alex, at 3:08 PM  

  • What? *smiles like Henry*
    That was a bit random, you guys... : )

    By Anonymous Marie, at 7:30 AM  

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