In The Hatch-A Lost Podcast

Monday, May 29

I hate iTunes

Well, I have...what, 3 podcast feeds on iTunes? And NONE of them work! None of them! And there is absolutley NO way for me to contact Apple. NO WAY.

I hope to have this problem figured out soon. In the meantime, please direct-download all episodes.

Sunday, May 28

ITH 6 - Live Together, Die Alone

Listen here

In this episode of In The Hatch, Spenser and Rusty-

Talk about the Flashbacks
Talk about Desmond
And some random stuff.

Sorry about all the background noise, we both have company over.


So I got the hosting back! Woo!

Expect a new show whenever Spenser shows up!

Friday, May 26

I figured it out

My aunt's lost all her space, so I can't use her website anymore. She had 5 megs of space, so I didn't want to take it all up. So, until I figure out a hosting plan for the long run, my season finale podcast will be released in 30 minute segments, but it'll be 2 HOURS LONG! WOO!

Look forward to it, FOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLSSSS (Just Kidding)


Tuesday, May 23

Now Listed at Teen Podcasters Network

In our downtime, I'm trying to get listed in as many directories as possible. So I got listed at the TPN, and am now an official member. Check em out at-

Monday, May 22


Okee, I am in a bad way.

-I got in touch with my aunt about the site. I tried to email her about her site. She has yet to call back..

-We recorded a podcast today. BUT IT GOT ERASED.



Thursday, May 18


Okay, I found out what happened. As you should know, the site we host our MP3s on, my aunts site, is It is currently down. The good thing is, she's my aunt so I can get in touch with her lickity split. Bad thing? Don't expect an ITH till next week.Well...maybe I can figger somethin' oot.


Wednesday, May 17


For some reason, the latest ITH ep isn't working in iTunes. So, just right click (Control click for macintosh) on the link, and clik save as. And...yeah. I'll get in touch with iTunes as soon as i can.

Tuesday, May 16

ITH 5- ?

In this episode, Spenser and Rusty discuss ?

Monday, May 15

ITH 5- ?

In this epsiode of In The Hatch, Rusty and Spenser discuss the episode "?"
Listen Here

Sunday, May 14

Where is he!?!?!

Spenser has not shown up...if her doesen't show up soon, I'll have to do the show myself.


Saturday, May 13

New Forums

Go on and check out our brand new forums!
Located at-

Or you can just click "Hatch Forums" In the sidebar.


Monday, May 8

ITH 1.4- Two For The Road

Listen Here!
In This Episode, Spenser and Rusty discuss Two For The Road

Sunday, May 7

No podcast this weekend

Well, Spenser didn't show up on YIM, so there's no weekend podcast. BUT WE WILL HAVE ONE THIS WEEK!


Wednesday, May 3

Whence Wii

Ugh. If anyone is into gaming, you should know by now what Nintendo is calling their "REvolution". The Nintendo Wii. This disgusts me. I am a humongous Nintendo fan, but dear lord. This is probably the worst combination of letters I have ever seen.I can imagine it now-
"Hey, Terrance, where are the kids?"
"They're in the other room, playing with their Wiis."

Go to and read Tycho's post (go back a few pages) And the comic that goes along with it.

Monday, May 1

Phone Numbers and the Like

Ok, so I've got me a nice little k7 you guys can call! The Hatch-Line, you could say. Just call:
And leave a message, and it might be played on the show!

Also, Spenser set up a blog.
The Spenser Armory is his little manifesto of stuff.

Ok, this is Rusty, signing off.



If anyone is having problems with the latest episode, and they got it off of iTunes, I dunno. I downloaded it off of iTunes, and I can tell ya, it was more than 20 something mins long. I dunno about the mp3 off the site, but the iTunes one is messed up or something.