In The Hatch-A Lost Podcast

Wednesday, February 15

ITH-The 23rd Psalm

First Episode

Here's the Real first episode that will show up on all of the directories.

Lost episode-The 23rd Psalm


Sorry it's such an off date podcast, but this one was a much higher podcast in quality than my Long Con one.

So here we are-

-Talk about the podcast, introdutions, ect.
-Explain format

-Read recap of "The 23rd Psalm", provided by

-Read rating from Lost-Forums
-Discuss some general reactions to the 23rd Psalm.

Theories/Forum Activity/ Not Listener Feedback
-Discuss theory about Walt and the Computer
-Discuss 9/11 bombing theory
-Discuss AOL SUCKS
-Discuss the WHITE SMOKE theory

-Jumbled Ending
-Mom's QOTW
-I didn't take notes- You'll have to find out for yourself

Soundtrack provided by Gorillaz, check them out at

Look us up on iTunes, iPodder, Podcast Pickle ( )
or download our MP3 sraight from our site,


  • nice work bro!
    you keep on making them, and i will keep on downloading them!

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