In The Hatch-A Lost Podcast

Wednesday, January 11

New episode- The 23d Psalm

Hey everyone, Rusty here. New episode tonight, and was it awesome or what?
Okay, my podcast about this episode will not be out till Monday or Tuesday. See, we just moved in and we don't have DSL. So we can't really put anything up on iTunes. But we are recording on Saturday. Spenser isn't gonna be on for ep.1, since i cant get YIM or Scype cuz of Dial up. I hate Dial Up....... Anyways, so whoever wants to share a theory or something about the new episode, post a comment sinse email wont work for my Dial Crap. Or just AOL email me at Rusty0931, and I'll look at that. Or just post on the message boards. Okay, so till the 1st ep of ITH,